I pretend…




I often pretend to be a very tumblr, organised person who knows what she’s doing, whereas in reality I’m just a teen standing on her bed trying to get the best possible angle for her first blog post.


My Desk

I transformed my desk into a makeup table, which gives me a lot of aesthetic pleasure, yet whenever I have mountains of essays or schoolwork to do it soon becomes a problem. I end up brushing all the makeup that I couldn’t be bothered to put away onto the floor, which as you can probably imagine, in the morning becomes a bit of a pain in the arse.

          2 .My Wall

I created a very tumblr wall quote, out of old magazines and books. Knowing me, someone who’s life decisions are based on how much effort is required, made several spelling errors, and can’t be bothered changing it. So now whoever walks into my bedroom will always place a comment about it. I suppose I can just add this to my list of failures.

  3. My Bed

Whoever says they don’t like an aesthetically pleasing bed is obviously lying, but I may have gone a bit overboard on the pillows. I have reached the point where there is literally not enough room for me on the bed to sleep. As a result every morning I wake up to a sea of pillows on my floor..




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