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I have very sensitive skin, some moisturisers really irritate it and just don’t leave a good feeling afterwards. I’ve tried quite a few different moisturisers and make-up removers and I have seemed to find a few that work.

  1. Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser (50ml)
  2. Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover (50ml)
    20160228_122414_Fotor I didn’t know whether I would enjoy these or not and so I bought the mini travel ones, but now I do regret not buying the larger ones. I do prefer the make-up remover more than the moisturiser but they are both satisfactory. I would definitely recommend these to someone who has sensitive skin and is quite new to makeup.


3. Fuji Green Tea Body Butter


In the winter my skin gets immensely dry, so i decided to go for a body butter. Body butters do the job for me but when it gets to summer I don’t enjoy them as much as I feel quite sticky and bothered, but I tried this one and it was so lightweight and creamy, I would definitely recommend it!


4.   Strawberry Hand Cream   Mango Hand Cream


Of course after the body butter I went back to the body shop and picked up a few more things. My hands are also so dry in the winter, even summer sometimes, so I thought why not pick up a few hand creams too! As you can probably see in the picture I’ve used them both SO much. There is only little left of them. They smell incredible, I think I’ve got some weird looks from a few people because I smelt my hands so much haha. But you should definitely try these as they are not too expensive either.


10 thoughts on “Skincare// New

  1. I also have very sensitive skin and a lot of the products I use make me sore but this was very helpful and I will will try some of these things out! Thanks 🙂


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