How To Make Your Macbook Last Longer…

I recently got a macbook for my birthday, to use for my school work and just general entertainment. But I’m not really planning to get another laptop for quite a few years, so I was looking for ways to make it last longer, and I stumbled upon quite a few good techniques. I thought I’d share them.

  1. Hard Shell Case


I bought a hard shell case for my macbook, and not only does it look very tumblr but it is also stopping the macbook from getting scratches and also getting dirty. You can buy these in quite a few places but I ordered mine from amazon since it  was probably the cheapest.


2. Keyboard Cover



Sometimes this comes with the hard shell case (mine did) but you might need to buy it separately. However I definitely recommend this as if you spill anything, this keyboard cover suddenly becomes a life saver. All you need to do is take it off, give it a wipe, and then just put it back on.


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