What to do in long car journeys


If you’re like me and gets car sick if you read or stare at something for a long time in the car then it can be quite hard to entertain yourself in long car journeys.

Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Listen to music and pretend you’re in a music video

This is probably the thing I do most (as embarrassing as this sounds) it’s actually very amusing. You can kind of just zone out and not stress about life. I sound a bit crazy right now, but try it!

2. Sleep

I’m someone who goes to bed quite late and wakes up quite late, not even a plane fight will make me go to bed any earlier than I normally do. So in long car journeys, I often just sleep, to make up for the time that I lost.

3. Eat

Eating is one of the best ways to entertain yourself in my opinion. Either prepare a pack lunch before you set off, or if you’re lazy like me just stop at a petrol station and buy a few snacks for the way.


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