Mascara Reviews // New


For the past 6 weeks I have been trying out new mascaras and I’m actually quite surprised at the outcome. I have been trying 4 different mascaras ( 2 more high end ones and 2 drugstore ones) :



  1. RimmelScandalEyes Xxtreme (not really sure how to spell)
  2. CliniqueHigh Impact Mascara
  3. MaybellineLash Sensational 
  4. Lancome- Hypnose  

    1. Rimmel – ScandalEyes Xxtreme Black Mascara


First Impressions – 4/5 // The packaging is quite bright and definitely catches your eye in the store and I was quite excited to start wearing this mascara.

Overall Rating – 5/5 // This mascara is probably one of the best mascaras I have ever tried and I really do love it a lot. I found myself coming back to this while testing the others mascaras. I find that with this mascara the exact right amount of product gets on to you eyelashes, however some people may not like this as it is a bit clumpy (but I love when mascara clumps a bit)



2. Clinique – High Impact MascaraIMG_0339

First Impressions : 3/5 // The packaging is quite nice on this and is very simple, which sometimes is more pleasing but I would probably maybe prefer something a little more colourful?

Overall Rating – 4/5 // This is overall quite a good mascara, however it depends what kind of mascara you like! Personally I prefer my mascara to clump just a tiny bit ( I don’t know if this is weird haha?) But this mascara doesn’t clump very much, which I suppose for some people is a major advantage.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara


First Impressions : 5/5 – My first impressions of this mascara were very good! I heard so much about it from so many people and celebrities and I was buzzing to try it. The packaging is also very pretty!

Overall Rating – 4/5 – This actually ended up being one of my favourite mascaras that I use everyday! I love that it clumps just a bit and also the applier. However it did take me a few weeks to get into this mascara but afterwards I fell head over heels in love with this.


Lancome – Hypnose Mascara   (This is not the actual size, I wanted to try it out before I actually bought it)IMG_0338

First Impressions : 3/5 – Once again, the packaging is alright, just a bit dull and boring. i would’ve loved a more vibrant colour.

Overall Rating – 4/5 – This mascara is quite similar to the clinique one. It does not clump much, so if you are looking for a non-clumping mascara this is probably a good option !



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