Things I’m loving // March 2017

 The Divergent Series


The divergent series of books were the first books I really fell in love with and obsessed over for months on end. Recently I finished my exams so i decided to give myself a target to read more and oh my… It was probably my best and worst decision to reread these books as I re-fell in love with Four (don’t worry no spoilers) however this became a problem when more essays and papers piled upon each other whilst I was just sat on my bed on tumblr every single day scrolling through my endless feed of pictures of Theo James and quotes from the books.

You may be wondering where on earth are the other books but the reason they are not in the picture is because I haven’t read them (or more accurate than that.. I don’t want to read them haha). After several spoilers from my family I learnt that it’s best if I just don’t read allegiant…

The Divergent movies really impressed me if I’m honest. The worst thing ever is when the movie’s filmed for your favourite book and it completely destroys your imagery of the characters. However I think that for Divergent, they did a very good job and picking out actors and actresses that resemble the characters reasonably well. Oh god I’m going to stop rambling now ! If you’ve read or watched the movies please do comment as I’d love to talk about it hahah

Naked Smoky Palette


Yes I know haha- Two very different things. With the christmas money that I got from my parents I really wanted to splurge out on a piece of makeup as I haven’t really done that for a while. I was thinking of buying this palette for a while but never really got around to it as I thought ‘ I don’t really wear eyeshadow so what’s the point’. But wow that was not the case. After buying this palette I not only wore it for eyeshadow, but used it for my brows as well. Two of the shades password  and  whisky  combine to make the PERFECT shade for my brows. Also excuse my very messy palette haha, I apparently aren’t that great at keeping eyeshadow palettes clean haha!




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